Originally written by Fred Toothman

While attending the AMC Coal Show in 1962, John Schroder, Dave Zegeer and Fred Toothman discussed the formation of an organization similar to the Old Timers and the King Coal Club for young middle management people. The object would be to provide a dinner meeting at each coal show for people with similar backgrounds and interests to get together for the purpose of establishing close rapport and exchanging news and views. It was thought that such a forum would be far superior to the usual hit or miss associations which characterized these meetings. Like-minded people who usually attended and shared similar responsibilities and experiences could get together on a regular basis.

It was decided to proceed in the matter and Fred Toothman volunteered to head a committee of organization. Lonnie Ellison and Leslie Gates were invited to be a part of the committee and they both contributed.

Dave Zegeer suggested that we name the club “The Gob-Pile Boys” but this idea was later discarded for a more formal name.

A constitution was drawn up in due course mostly by correspondence among the committee members. It provided for a membership of 20 men and their wives and one meeting at the annual Coal Show on Sunday evening.

It provided that there would be no dues and meetings to be paid for by dividing up the cost each time. The purpose of the club was stated in Article III.

“The main purpose of CI-Coal shall be to provide a forum for social meetings of a group dedicated to the best interests of the coal industry. Projects may be adopted if approved by a majority of the members.” The name selected for the organization was “Careers In Coal” and for brevity a shortened version of the name was adopted by using only the first initials of the first two words in the name “CI-Coal.” Pronunciation was adopted from the name of the small lumps of coal that wash up on the coast of England, called “sea coal.”

The organization was simplicity itself in that only a chairman was to be elected at the first meeting and he could immediately designate a vice chairman who would succeed him after one year in the job. This forced all of the work for one year onto the chairman and vice chairman without backup officers for handling the secretary and treasurer job. It proved to be a poor command setup.

The first dinner was held in a small dining room of the Carlton House Hotel in Pittsburgh on Sunday evening of the Coal Show on May 5, 1963.

The charter members were
David E. Bayer
Leslie C. Gates
R. C. Beerbower
John Schroder
William Bernard
Warren Sharpenburg
C. W. Connor, Jr.
Fred F. Toothman
Lonnie D. Ellison
David A. Zegeer
Harry Fitzgerald

The first meeting consisted of a reception and dinner and was chaired by Fred Toothman, who was succeeded by David Zegeer in 1964 and Leslie Gates in 1965.

The dinners in Pittsburgh were shifted to the Hilton Hotel in later years and when the show included machinery exhibits in Cleveland, the dinners were held in the Versailles Room right off the main lobby in the Cleveland Hotel. All but three members were present in Cleveland for the dinner in 1964. Lonnie Ellison was elected chairman and a second meeting was held at the Homestead in November in conjunction with an AIME meeting in 1966.

An award was made to an outstanding student at several engineering schools during this period. Additional meetings were also scheduled with uneven success. One year, about 1972 or 1973, a winter meeting was scheduled for Pinehurst in the latter part of January. A big snow came up a day or two just before the projected meeting and only two couples made the trip.

These meetings were held every year until 1976, when arrangements broke down at a coal show in Pittsburgh. No arrangements had been made for our dinner. At the last minute Joe Larry, who was not a member at the time, invited us to attend his party in the Hilton Hotel. It became obvious at that point that changes would have to be made in the organization to maintain viability.

A meeting of the active CI-Coal members was called at the West Virginia Mining Institute and AIME meeting of 1976 at The Greenbrier to discuss future plans for the organization. It was decided to alter the constitution to provide for an Executive Committee of officers who would run the organization with the approval of the members. Hillary Kelley volunteered to take the job of secretary for a term of several years to add continuity to the group’s activities. Fred Toothman agreed to form a committee and develop a revised constitution. John Straton was very helpful in this effort. The purpose of CI-Coal was expanded to include professional as well as social meetings. A reorganized CI-Coal met in Lexington, KY at the Campbell House Hotel in March of 1977. Fred Toothman acted as Chairman and he and Velma introduced a lively program of games and overall hilarity. Charles and Helen Holland reenacted the roles of Bonnie and Clyde and Helen Pace won the prize for identifying all the baby pictures.

The following members and wives were active at that time:
Dave Bayer, Hillary Kelley, Lonnie Ellison, Minor Pace, Harry Fitzgerald, John Stratton, Alex Galis, Frank Thomas, Leslie Gates, Fred Toothman, M. V. Harrell, Dave Zegeer, R. D. Herron, and Sheldon Jones

It was more or less understood that the annual meeting would be alternated between Lexington and The Greenbrier, but this was later expanded. The new constitution called for outstanding student, professor and coal article awards and these were financed by raffles conducted by the wives at the annual meeting. Only the outstanding student award has survived. The spring meeting at the Coal Show was shifted back to Saturday evening to avoid conflicts with other groups.

Technical sessions and business meetings were added to the annual meeting agenda in 1977 and have been most successful. Everyone has been surprised and pleased by the breadth and excellence of presentations by our own members. This good experience has led to the use of speakers from our own group for the program at the spring meeting banquet. Seating arrangements at dinner meetings have been most effective when everyone can sit in the same group such as a very large table or large square arrangement produced by combining small tables.

The following schedule of meetings followed the reorganization:

Year - Annual Meeting - Fall Meeting - Chairman
1977 - Lexington, St. Louis , Toothman
1978 - Homestead, St. Louis, Zegeer
1979 - Greenbrier, St. Louis, Straton
1980 - Greenbrier, Chicago, Ridenour
1981 - Hilton Head, St. Louis, Herron
1982 - Pinehurst, St. Louis, Larry
1983 - Kiawah Island, St. Louis, Baugues
1984 - Myrtle Beach , Chicago, Stemple
1985 - Seabrook, Pittsburgh, Salvati
1986 - Orlando, Pittsburgh, McWhorter
1987 - Sea Island, Cincinnati, Howard
1988 - Sea Island, Chicago, Brisky
1989 - Jekyle Island, Pittsburgh, Bradbury
1990 - Amelia Island, Cincinnati, Harrell
1991 - Sea Island, Pittsburgh, Kilgore
1992 - Wild Dunes, Cincinnati, Longenecker
1993 - Palmetto Dunes, HHI Summit, Chas., Oberlick / Wilding
1994 - Cloister, SI, GA Beckley Hotel, Hull / Wilding
1995 - Grand Hotel, Pt Clear AL, Beckley Hotel, Cushman / Wilding
1996 - Palmetto Dunes, HHI, Tamarack, Miller / Cushman
1997 - Calloway Gardens, GA Glade Springs, Huber / Cushman
1998 - Amelia Island, FL, Glade Springs, LA Gates /Cushman
1999 - Cloister SI, GA, Glade Springs, Mosley / Huber
2000 - Palmetto Dunes, HHI, Summit, Chas., Currey / Huber
2001 - Seabrook Island., SC, Glade Springs, Goad / Huber
2002 - Pineisle, GA, Black Knight, Bkly, Meade / Huber
2003 - Jekyll Island, GA, Clay Center - Chas., Schroder / Huber
2004 - Homestead, VA, Edgewood - Chas., Steve Capelli /Huber
2005 - Homestead. VA, Black Knight Bkly, Dick Bolen, Huber
2006 - Wild Dunes, SC, Tamarack, WV, Dick Bolen, Huber
2007 - Cr. Plaza, Asheville, NC, Lexington, KY, Jim Corsaro/Cushman
2008 - Westin, Savannah GA, Glade Springs, WV, Patterson/Cushman
2009 - Cr. Plaza - Hilton Head SC, Hyatt Place,Lexington, KY, Scott Keim/Cushman
2010 - Sandestin, FL Sandestin Resort, Sandestin FL, Hans Nauman, Bolen
2011 - Alexandria VA Hotel Monaco, Abingdon, VA, Michael Karmis/Cushman
2012 - Savannah Marriott, GA, Glade Springs WV, Arrowsmith , Cushman
2013 - Kiawah Island, SC, Blennerhassett WV, Worley, Cushman
2014 - St George UT, Lexington KY, R Evans / Cushman
2015 - Gatlinburg TN, Lexington KY , J Combs / Cushman
2016 - Spring - Hilton Head, NC, Marriott Resort, J Combs/ Cushman
2016 - Fall - Abingdon VA - The Martha - K Whipkey, Cushman
2017 - Spring - Charleston, SC - Courtyard Marriott - K Whipkey , Cushman
2017 - Fall - Nashville, TN - Gaylord Opry Resort - Reggie Farlaino, Tom Cushman
2018 - Spring - Moab, UT - Homewood Suites - Reggie Farlaino. Tom Cushman
2018 - Fall - Greensboro, NC - Grandover Resort - Bill Reid, Tom Cushman
2019 - Spring - Hilton Head, SC- Omni Hilton Head Resort - Bill Reid, Tom Cushman
2019 - Fall Meeting - Lexington, KY - Hyatt Regency Hotel - Neil Mosley, Tom Cushman


As Amended November 5, 2019

Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be “Careers In Coal” and for purposes of brevity shall be called “CI-Coal,” pronounced “Sea Coal.”

Location:The address of CI-Coal shall be the address of the Secretary-Treasurer.

Article II – Membership

Spouses/significant others of members are automatically included.

Number:Membership shall be by invitation only and held to not more than 100.The total outstanding membership cap can be modified by a majority vote of the membership as circumstances warrant in the view of the Executive Committee.

Election of New Members:Prior to each meeting, members shall submit nominations for new members. The Officers, through the Membership Committee, shall solicit, accept, and review nominations and submit such nominees it deems appropriate to the membership for voting.The nominator of each nominee shall provide a brief description of the nominee’s history and qualifications to be considered for inclusion into the membership.Postal mail or online email shall be acceptable mediums for requesting nominations, submitting such nominations and for voting.The membership shall also vote on the maximum number of members to be accepted for each period, either by online email or at each meeting.An Amendment to the Constitution was approved on April 27, 2019 allowing the Membership Committee to determine the number of new members to be accepted per election cycle for a period of four years, or May 15, 2023.Nominations may also be made at the Annual Meeting.

The full membership shall vote “Yes”, “No”, or “Abstain” on each nominee.Where the Membership Committee, with the approval of the membership at the business meeting preceding such vote,has established a target number of new members to be elected, membership shall be offered to the established number of nominees receiving the highest number of “Yes” votes, providing however, (i) such nominee shall have received “Yes” votes on a simple majority of the total votes cast, and (ii) that any nominee receiving three or more “No” votes shall not be accepted during the current voting cycle.

The nominator of each invitee shall immediately advise the invitee of their selection and, if they accept, invite them to attend one of the CI-Coal meetings for induction.The nominator shall immediately advise the Secretary of the response to their invitation.

Qualifications of New Members:

1)Registered Mining Engineers preferred but other outstanding qualifications considered.

2)Employed in management of coal industry or directly related industry.

3)Down-to-earth type with personality who has spent some time working in or around active mining operations and can make a significant contribution to the group.

Senior, Lifetime, and Honorary Memberships (Adopted 12-1980 and amended 4-2016):

Those members who attain the age of 70 before January 1 for the applicable membership year henceforth will be classified as Senior Members.There will be no difference in privileges for this new class of members except that they will no longer be held to regular attendance requirements applying to other members.Senior Members will also be required to pay dues in the amount of $50 annually.

Those members who attain the age of 80 before January 1 of the applicable membership year henceforth will be classified as Lifetime Members and will not be required to pay annual dues.

There shall also be established another membership category called Honorary Members, which will be available to all those active members who retire from business affairs before age 65.Members in this classification shall be determined by the Executive Committee.Members in this classification will not be required to meet regular attendance requisites under the Constitution and will not be required to pay annual dues.

All Senior, Lifetime, and/or Honorary Members will no longer be counted against the membership restrictions of “…. not more than 100” as delineated in the Constitution.

Members who have missed three (3) consecutive regular meetings of CI-Coal may be in jeopardy of being removed from the active membership roll.Prior to removing any member from the active membership roll, their membership will be discussed by the group at the Annual Meeting.Keeping the payment of annual dues current, will serve as showing interest in remaining as an active member.

Article III – Purpose

The main purpose of CI-Coal shall be to provide a forum for professional and social meetings of a group dedicated to the best interests of the coal industry.Projects may be adopted if approved by a majority of the members.

Article IV – Organization

CI-Coal will be headed by a Chairman.

The routine business of the organization shall be in the care of an Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, First Vice-Chairman, Second Vice-Chairman, Third Vice- Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and Immediate Past-Chairman.

The First and Second and Third Vice-Chairmen will automatically succeed to the next higher office in order each year and the current Chairman shall remain on the Executive Committee for one additional year.

The Third Vice-Chairman shall be elected each year at the Annual meeting by a majority of a quorum present (Adopted 10-1986) and may be nominated by the Second Vice-Chairman or from the floor or both.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall be considered a quasi-permanent position and continue to serve at the pleasure of the Executive Committee.This position may also be split into separate roles at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

The spouses/significant others of the members of the Board shall constitute a Special Committee to be chaired by the spouse/significant other of the Chairman.

Whenever the Secretary-Treasurer is to be replaced, the Chairman shall get the consent of the Executive Committee and present to membership for election by a majority of the quorum present.

The Membership Committee (Adopted 10-2015) will serve the Executive Committee by managing membership matters and making recommendations for action as required.As noted above, the Membership Committee shall solicit, accept, and review nominations, submit such nominees it deems appropriate to the membership for voting, and conduct the voting process.

At the 2019 Fall Meeting on October 19, 2019, the membership, by unanimous consent of the quorum present, voted to merge the Membership Committee and its associated responsibilities into the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall now be comprised of the Chairman, First Vice-Chairman, Second Vice-Chairman, Third Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past-Chairman, plus three (3) at-large positions to be selected by the Executive Committee.

Article V – Duties of Officers

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings and functions.He/she shall arrange for and preside at meetings of the Executive Committee.The Executive Committee shall be responsible for setting the dates and place of all general meetings, all financial matters including dues and certifying the eligibility and desirability of all nominees to membership.

The Chairman shall be responsible for reporting all actions of the Executive Committee and receiving approval from members by majority vote once a year at the general meeting regarding all actions taken by the Executive Committee including plans for the remainder of his/her term.

The Chairman shall relinquish his/her post at the conclusion of the spring meeting and the next Chairman shall give a brief report on plans for his/her term of one year in office at the business session.

The Special Committee shall be responsible for all dinner decorations, any special activities in connection with our meetings as well as social functions delegated by the Executive Committee.It shall also plan and carry out an awards program to mining school personnel each year with the approval of the Executive Committee.

The First, Second and Third Vice-Chairmen shall perform such duties as requested by the Chairman.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain a permanent file of present and past members and be responsible to the Board to furnish copies of the Constitution and history of the organization upon reasonable request.The Secretary-Treasurer shall also account for and maintain all funds held by the organization and solicit and report on status of any dues or assessments determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership as otherwise provided.He/she shall be responsible for seeing that no former member, who has since dropped out, be invited to new membership.

Article VI – Meetings

The Annual Meeting of CI-Coal shall be held in the Spring of the year.The second meeting of the year will be held in the Fall.The times and locations of the meetings will be determined by the Chairman.

Article VII – Dues

Dues of $100 per year for Active Members and $50 per year for Senior Members (Amounts amended 4-2019) will be assessed by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership to support the necessary communications’ expense of the Secretary-Treasurer’s office.Dues shall be paid by the first of January for that calendar year and by no later than January 31st.Other assessments may be determined by the Executive Committee and must be approved by two-thirds of the members.Failure to pay dues, costs or assessments after a second notice shall result in termination of membership.

Article VIII – Amendments

This constitution may be amended by simple majority of the members attending the regularly scheduled meetings, where proper advance notice of such meetings has been given to all members, where motions are brought to the floor.

Revised November 5, 2019